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​Where Flavors are  Served Fresh

If you have any questions about our dishes or catering services, 

please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

Stop. Eat. Go!

Hungry? Then the Savory Sweet Eatery is the place to be! Come and indulge in American-French cuisine at our restaurant in Monticello, New York. Made with organic and other natural ingredients, you can enjoy guiltless food pleasure with every bite.

What We Offer

At Savory Sweet Eatery, we serve authentic American-French meals at our restaurant in Monticello, New York! 

Browse our menu selection to see what we have for you.

  Plated Courses                       

   Appetizer Stations          

 In House Made Breads       

   Plated Menu                 

 Nibbles and Street Snacks 

       Entrée Stations          

     Family Style                 

   Vegan Plated Menu        


Buffet Fall/Winter     


Buffet Spring/Summer

 Handmade DessertsBook     

  It's The Little Things          

  Childhood Favorites