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A Tasty Event  Begins Here

Have a Flavorful Feast 

If you have any questions about our dishes or catering services, 

please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

Treat you and your guests to delectable meals from Savory Sweet Eatery in Monticello, New York! Whether you’re having an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, leave the dining experience to us. Get in touch with our team today to book our catering services for your next event!

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Breakfast Box

Our meals come with the set-up of utensils

Gourmet Breakfast $8.75 pp

 Each box includes:

One breakfast sandwich, trio potatoes hash browns.

Your choice of : One small iced coffee, small coffee, range juice, bottled water or apple

juice. Fried eggs with bacon, onion frittata with roasted tomatoes and mild 

cheddar skillet egg bruschetta, smoked ham with avocado on homemade 

wheat bread, skirt steak with fried egg, oyster mushroom and parsley vinaigrette, buttermilk waffles or pancakes (3) stewed apricots and fennel with ricotta, 

pistachios and fresh black pepper. (V)

Pastries Breakfast Box $7.75 pp

Each box includes :

One breakfast pastry, fruit salad.

Your choice of: One iced coffee, orange juice, bottled water or apple juice

Chocolate muffins / Bran muffins / Carrot Muffins / Danish / Bagel

Hot Breakfast Platter $11.50 pp

Each box includes :

Scramble eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits.

Your choice side trio potatoes hash or steel oatmeal.

Your choice of one drink small coffee, small iced coffee,

orange juice, bottled water or apple juice.

Health Breakfast $7.99 pp / With one Cookie or Cupcake $12.99 pp

Each box includes:

Yogurt parfait flier granola, steal oatmeal, trio potatoes hash browns.

Your choice of drink - one small coffee small iced coffee, orange juice, bottled water or apple juice, can 

soda, iced tea or lemonade.

Smoked Bacon Sharp Cheddar Mac-N Cheese I apple wood smoked bacon sharp cheddar

Basil Mac & Cheese I white cheese with fresh basil and roasted tomatoes.

Vegan Mac & Cheese I vegan cheese with or without roasted vegetables.

Chicharrones (pork rind) Mac & Cheese I blend cheese.

Pan-Roasted Chicken Breast I topped with a creamy artichoke, lemon and leek coulis. 

choice brown rice or wild rice.

Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Platter I green Italian zucchini, yellow squash, red onion,

and red bell pepper, tossed with olive oil and balsamic sauce.

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa I caramelized Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, red onion and fire roasted tomatoes.

Baja Citrus Salad I field greens, fire charred corn and grape tomatoes, fresh garlic lime vinaigrette.

(veg) Lemon Pesto Bowtie Pasta Salad I bowtie pasta, grape tomatoes and fresh baby spinach, tossed in tangy lemon pesto dressing (veg) Asian Noodle Bowl rice noodles and crunchy napa cabbage, tossed in a tangy thai sweet chili dressing with fresh herbs and bean sprouts additional $4.00 with jumbo shrimp.

Casperse Salad I fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, mixed greens, pesto& balsamic glaze.

Fresh green salad (veg) Cobb Salad I romaine and field greens, tomatoes, bacon, diced hard-boiled egg, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, red onions, served with honey dijon dressing with sliced grilled chicken.

Sandwich Box

Signature Sandwich $12.99

Each box includes one:

Sandwich, Fresh Fried Chips dusted with Pink Himalayan Salt . 

Your choice of a can soda, bottle water, iced tea or lemonade. Choice of cookies or cupcake.

California Club Sandwiches I turkey, ham, bacon, colby-Jack cheese, tomato, mixed greens, avocado & basil aioli Mediterranean Sandwiches I fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, mixed greens, basil aioli & balsamic glaze.

 Muffaletta Sandwiches I a classic Italian sandwich of mortadella, salami, ciappola and provolone, topped with olive salad, served on fresh baked Cuban bread. 

Blackened Chicken Sandwiches I blackened chicken, field greens, bacon, melted provolone cheese, sundried tomato aioli, ciabatta bread.

Grilled Southwestern Steak Sandwich I sliced steak, monterey jack, avocado aioli, mixed greens, roll.

Pan - fried eggplant I with buffalo mozzarella with raisin-pinenut relish.

 Roast beef I with grilled red onions, radish slaw and black pepper mayonnaise, 

 Roasted Eggplant I spread chickpea puree, roasted peppers served light vignette.

Watercress Grilled breast I served mix roasted peppers, mozzarella and spinach-basil pesto.

 Roasted Turkey I with avocado bacon, onion marmalade.

 Roasted pork lion I with greens and spread with served spread tangy mustard sauce .

Meatloaf I with cheddar bacon and tomato relish

Side Soup Quart - Serves 4

Chicken and vegetable with homemade noodles $12.00

Black Bean Soup (Vegan) $12.00

Tomato Bisque $12.00

Roasted Vegetable $10.00

Steel Oatmeal

Quart $12.00 single $3.50

Mixed Potatoes

Quart $10. 95 single $3.00

Fresh Fried Chips dusted with Pink Himalayan Salt

Vegan Cupcake $3.00

Cupcake $3.50

Brownies $4.00

Blondies $4.00

Dessert Serves 12

Oreo Dream Bars, Lemon Berry Bars, Chocolate Raspberry Tangos and Toffee Cream Cheese Bars $55.00

Cookies-N- Brownies $55.00

Blondies, Brownies, fruit bar (vegan) $55.00

Vegan Sweet Cookies, cupcake, brownies and raw fruit 

Beverage Gallon - Sweet Tea 7.00 / Lemonade 4.00 / Assorted 2 liter 4.00 / Water 1.25 / Can Soda1.25


 Build Your Own Salad 12.99

Pick Your Greens:

Romaine Baby Kale Baby Spinach Mixed Greens / Choose Five Free (addt’l 1.50 each)
Apples / Bacon / Black Beans /  Carrots / Celery / Tomatoes / Broccoli / Grape Tomatoes / Chick Peas / Hard-Cooked Egg Cranberries 

Croutons / Sunflower Seeds / Toasted Pumpkin Seed /  Cucumber /  Wonton Crisps / Corn / Red Beet /  Red Onion / Mushrooms


Protein (add to your favorite salad):

Roasted Chicken (3)  / Grilled Chicken (3) / Quinoa (4) / Pesto Shrimp (5) /  Turkey (3) / Roasted Salmon (6) / Steak (6)
Fruit & Cheese (1.75 each) / Cheddar Cheese / Parmesan / Kalamata Olives / Feta /  Fresh Mozzarella / Goat Cheese  

Toasted Almonds / Monterey Jack / Mandarin Oranges /

Pecans / Blue Cheese / Avocado (2.75)


Homemade Dressings:

Champagne Vinaigrette / Balsamic / Caesar / Buttermilk / Ranch / Honey Dijon /  Russian / Poppy Seed /Sesame
Ginger /  Red Wine Vinaigrette / Chili Lime Cilantro

Cobb Salad 12.99

Roasted chicken, bacon, tomato chunks, hard cooked egg, 

Monterey Jack cheese & avocado,

tossed w/homemade Buttermilk Ranch dressing

Power Salad  12

Baby kale, quinoa, grilled chicken, carrots,

broccoli, cranberries, red onion, & sunflower

seeds w/champagne vinaigrette

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Salad 12.99

On romaine w/mandarin oranges, cranberries, red onion & toasted almonds w/champagne vinaigrette

Santa Fe Salad 12.99

Grilled chicken, tomatoes, corn, black beans & Monterrey Jack on romaine, topped w/guacamole

Spinach & Goat Cheese Salad  12.99

Baby spinach, mushrooms, bacon, red onion,

tomatoes, & baked goat cheese medallions

w/balsamic vinaigrette

Southwest Chicken Salad 12.99

Diced chicken, corn, black beans, grape

tomatoes, red onions, celery, romaine &

sunflower seeds w/chili lime cilantro dressing

Greek Salad  12.99

Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, red bell pepper, chicken, 

kalamata olives & feta w/Greek dressing

Caesar Salad 12.99 

With options :

Steak, chicken or salmon

romaine, shaved parmesan, homemade croutons, 

grape tomatoes & crumbled pancetta

Farmhouse Salad 12.99

Baby kale, quinoa, grilled chicken, carrots,

broccoli, cranberries, red onion, & sunflower seeds w/champagne vinaigrette

Chopped Chinese 12.99

Napa & red cabbage, romaine, carrots, mandarin oranges, red bell pepper, scallions, cilantro, wonton crisps, 

sesame seeds w/sesame ginger dressing

Cape Cod Chicken Salad 12.99

Cranberries, toasted almonds, celery, red onion, & romaine

Ordering Protocol

How To Pay

  • Deposit is due in full in order to confirm; unless otherwise agreed upon
  • Balance is due (5) business days prior to event date
  • We accept corporate checks, wire transfers and cash
  • Credit card transactions will incur a 3.5% processing fee

Sales Tax

  • 8.875% NY State Tax applied to all orders
  • Tax Exemptions are permitted for non-profit organizations; must provide certificate

Service Costs

  • A 15% service charge will apply per order
  • Service charge is not a gratuity; includes delivery, disposables and equipment

Food Notes

  • Tastings are available; please inquire for additional information (additional cost)
  • Please inform us in advance of any known allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Items are prepared in a facility that uses Milk, Egg, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Wheat and Peanuts
  • Seasonal items are subject to availability

         Cancellation Policy

  • Orders cancelled prior to (10) business days prior will incur 50% charge
  • Orders cancelled within (10) business days will incur 100% charge

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